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Check out why quizzes are a great way to grow your income + impact. 

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Quizzes are for you if you:

  • want an opt-in that actually helps you get to know your community.
  • know you need to build your text or email list.
  • want to stand out
  • are strategic
  • have an online presence
  • aren't happy with your previous opt-ins
  • want an automated funnel
  • are tired of the same old webinars, e-books, checklists; you want something different. 

Quizzes are NOT for you if you:

(real talk version)

  • are still figuring out who your ideal client is
  • only want to build and sell on social media (& pray that the platform doesn't go down or your account get disabled)
  • don't see the benefit in understanding more about your community
  • want to keep taking messy, manual action  
  • don't want or need an automated funnel. 


Quizzes have a higher opt-in rate than traditional opt-ins.  Check out how EK Quizzes perform! 


Opt-in range for clients


Average opt-in percent

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How the EK Quizzes VIP Experiences Work

My team and I will review your application and provide a response back within 2-3 business days.  If you're a good fit, we will reserve your VIP Experience based on the your preferred timing.  We have 1-2 VIP Experiences per month. 

We'll send you the EK Quizzes Experience Kit where you'll grab a cup of coffee or tea and share your vision for this quiz and all about your ideal client. From there, we'll review the information you share and prepare for your VIP Experience.  

If you choose the Create my Quiz VIP Experience, we'll send take the information and apply our four-part framework for creating your quiz.  We'll also Zoom with you to provide the quiz for your review.  Once the review phase is done, we'll start working on the results...implementing the quiz in the platform, mapping it your email or text service provider.  Within one weekend, you'll have a quiz that will call in your ideal clients! 

If you need to Amplify your Quiz, we'll send you your Amplify VIP Experience Kit, where you'll share information about your quiz, including the quiz data. From there, we'll apply the R2P framework; review, recommend, and plan.  

In one day, you will have a detailed plan of action on how to amplify your quiz results. 

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